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Rocket Boxer 1 Shot Timer

Rocket Boxer 1 Shot Timer

The Boxer espresso machine brings compact capability to your coffee shop.

Built for production environments, the simple heat-exchanger design offers excellent volume for its size thanks to its outsized steam boiler. Easily serviceable E61 groups, simple shot timers, and large steam wands all combine to improve workflow for baristas and bring in happier customers.


Simple, Classic, and Compact: Brightly polished in an unmistakable shape, a Boxer's simple lines and compact shape fit in anywhere—and its sturdy, common parts bring exceptional service life for busy cafes. Bonus! The Alto version we offer features a taller space for larger cups.

Advanced Temperature StabilityThanks to the Thermosiphon System, the Rocket Espresso Boxer offers advanced group head temperature stability, ensuring a delicious shot of espresso with each brew cycle.

Precision Brewing: The Boxer offers some much-needed assistance by controlling the volume and flow rate with its precise microprocessing technology.

Automatic Backflush: At the end of a long day, who wants to perform regular maintenance? The Boxer knows that's the last thing on your mind and will graciously perform an automatic backflush every night.

Cool Touch Wand: Burning your fingers on a steam wand can really put a damper on your day. Thanks to the Boxer's Cool Touch Wand, you will no longer fear the wrath of a steam wand!

Heavy Duty Boiler: The Boxer's trusty copper boiler is always working to keep your water hot and ready for a brew or steam cycle.

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