• In-House Servicing

    Drop your machine off at our showroom located at:
    30 Kallang Pl, #07-20/21, Singapore 339159

    Operating Hours:
    Monday – Friday: 10am – 5.30pm
    (Please avoid coming at 1pm - 2pm)
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

    Do expect to receive your machine in 5 - 7 working days after dropping it off. Expected timeframe is not guaranteed as it depends on our technicians' availability. We will contact you accordingly once your machine is ready for collection.

    For more enquiries, please email us at:

  • On-Site Servicing

    Our technicians will travel to you and repair your machine at your location.

    Servicing will take approximately 1 - 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the issue.

    Please email us at service@stellar-m.com to make arrangements.

    Do note that on-site servicing depends on the availability of our technicians as they would be on the road. Our technicians will contact you accordingly once your booking has been confirmed.


Say goodbye to unwanted machine breakdowns and technical failures!

Stellar M takes care of your machine for you so you never have to worry over possible future breakdowns. We keep your machine fully serviced and operationally ready.

Sign up for our Preventative Maintenance package today!


Is the Preventive Maintenance package only applicable for purchases from Stellar M? If I bought my machine from other dealers, can I qualify for Preventive Maintenance?

Yes, you may qualify for Preventative Maintenance so long as you own any of the machines that Stellar M distributes, regardless of the current warranty status of your machine (doesn't matter if expired or still valid). This includes Rocket, Synesso and Kees Espresso machines.

Why should I sign up for this package?

We believe you deserve to have a great coffee making experience uninterrupted by random machine breakdowns due to wear & tear or under-servicing. Send in your machine once every 6 months to be fully taken care of to ensure you never have to worry again about random breakdowns.

How long is this package valid for from the date of purchase?

Once you buy the package, it is valid for a one time use only, 6 months within purchase date.

How do I book an appointment for Preventative Maintenance?

You can call: +65 9138 1753, email: service@stellar-m.com or fill up our contact form. Tell us you would like to send in your machine for the Preventative Maintenance and we will arrange for a date for you to send it in.