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Stellar M

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

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Our In-House Preventative Maintenance Package includes the following services: 

  • A thorough inspection and diagnosis of the machine's "health"
  • Ensuring temperature and pressure of the machines are at optimal range
  • Replacing wear and tear parts; group head gasket, ruby jets, group head screen, steam rebuild kit
  • Cleaning the serviceable parts of the machine
  • Ensuring the water piping system is in working condition
  • Advising on parts replacement that are critical for the machine to work
  • Servicing does NOT include descaling. Please select the option to include descaling as an add on to servicing for this package. 

Simply book a date for you to drop off your machine at Stellar M and we'll take care of the rest. Too lazy? Contact us at or fill up our contact form to arrange for one of our technicians to drop by your address to service your machine!


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