The Mahlkönig E65s GBW: A Confluence of Precision and Efficiency

The Mahlkönig E65s GBW: A Confluence of Precision and Efficiency

Since 1924, Mahlkonig has been and continues to be, synonymous with high quality and precision manufacturing. From legendary industry standards such as the EK43 to home-brewing all-rounders such as the X54, Mahlkonig has decidedly cemented its reputation as one of the go-to manufacturers of coffee grinders.

Where Precision Is Everything
It’s no wonder then that when Mahlkonig released the E65s GBW, it was lauded as the most precise grinder when it comes to grinding by weight. As any barista worth their salt would know, one of the keys to consistent espresso is a precisely weighed shot. The E65s GBW delivers ground coffee, in real time scale-controlled dosing, to exactly the required weight of coffee as programmed by the barista, accurate to 1/10th of a gram.

And the precision doesn’t stop there. The E65s GBW comes with a patented disc-distance detection system that lets you set the fineness of your grind based on the actual distance between the burrs, down to 1 micron (1/1000th of a millimetre). The front panel display will show the current burr set position and your target distance. Simply adjust the dial to the target distance and lock it in to achieve the grind fineness of your choice.

With the E65S GBW, say goodbye to erratic shots and hello to consistently replicable and finely controlled results.

Well Thought Out Convenience
The grinder also comes with an auto tare function, a portafilter holder with a universal fit, a height-adjustable spout to ensure coffee grounds are caught by your portafilter’s basket regardless of size and a removable portafilter holder for easy cleaning.

These features are very much welcomed since any grinder’s regular usage, cleaning and maintenance can certainly add unnecessary pain to the already mounting chores of the barista working in a bustling café.

The summation of these little oft overlooked functional aspects really smooths out the user experience as it increases convenience, encourages regular maintenance and gives one the impression that Mahlkonig truly designs with intentional care.

So who’s this grinder for?
This grinder is great for baristas working in fast-moving, high-volume cafes. The grind-by-weight function greatly reduces task loads and prep time by ensuring consistency in shot weights without the hassle of re-weighing after grinding. It also reduces wastage typically resulting from excess grounds being thrown out due to imprecise weighing, helping café owners save on running costs.

If you’d like to know more about this grinder or want to give it a test drive, book an appointment with us today!

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