As the specialty coffee industry in Singapore moves forward in the new millennium,
there is an increasing need for highly skilled and professional coffee equipment support.
This is where Stellar M strives to fill this need in being your trusted and independent
coffee equipment specialist. We truly understand your coffee and equipment needs and
it is our prerogative and mission to deliver the right and professional service to you
with our dedicated sales and technical team.

We believe that behind the relentless pursuit of brewing consistent great cups of coffee,
are beautiful, reliable and well made coffee equipment. We pride ourselves as the
Singapore offical distributors of equipment brands like Synesso, Rocket Espresso, Kees van der Westen,
Marco Beverage System, Hiroia, Mazzer, Baratza, Mahlkonig, MoccaMaster, Bonavita, Pesado, Cafetto and ACME & Co. 

Armed with stellar machines, dedicated resellers and a competent team,
we set out to serve the needs of all coffee enthusiasts from cafes and roasters
to the savvy home baristas.