Quarterly Preventive Maintenance


Quarterly Preventive Maintenance

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Every 3 months, over a 12 months period, our technicians will carry out the a variety of procedures including:

  • Inspection and diagnosis on machine health
  • Check Temperature and Pressure ranges and accuracy
  • Replacing wear and tear parts according to schedule or ahead of time due to early wear and tear (within preventative maintenance parts kit)
  • Replace any parts critical for machine functioning
  • Clean serviceable areas of espresso machine
  • Test machine under load
  • Ensure quality of water passing through machine is acceptable
  • Descaling (Once per year)

Over the 12 months, the the following parts will be replaced:

  • 4 x sets of grouphead gasket
  • 1 x set of grouphead valves / Ruby jet 
  • 1 x descaling powder (for descaling)
  • 1 x set of Diffusion Screens
  • 1 x set of steam rebuild kit
No. of Group Heads:
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