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Grain Traders, Singapore

"Grain Traders is a place where there is no compromise. A place that’s not just about the food, but the experience, and knowing that you’re not missing out on anything — you have food that’s good for your body and soul, but it’s also quick and efficient. Plus you get a place to really take a break from work and meet other people.” Javier, Director & Co-founder



Designed by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe, the Wilfa Precision reflects the simple yet state-of-the-art brew technology of Norway's avid coffee culture. This automatic filter brewer is engineered for extremely precise temperature and water control, producing the most flavorful results in a short time.  

brand Guide BY
foreign policy

Foreign Policy, Singapore

Brand Guide: Singapore Edition is the first edition of the Brand Guide Series by Foreign Policy Design Group.

Deftly balancing visuals and content, the guide rounds up iconic homegrown brands that attest to the current golden age of design in Singapore, and captures the creative labours gone into the making of the 17 brands featured. This documentation of the creative inspiration and design processes through brand and design reports, is filled with takeaways and anecdotes capturing the vision to fruition of each brand owner.

Borne out of Foreign Policy Design’s vision as a forward-thinking design studio, Brand Guide series is set to deliver more design and brand reports to the masses.

MVP TEchnology by synesso

Synesso, United States of America

A manual and volumetric paddleshift espresso machine which provides the best tools Synesso has ever developed to dial in your coffee receipe, save those parameters in seconds, and perfectly repeat them on any group as many times as desired.

We believe this technology will have major impact on the ability of every end user to set and follow recipes precisely, and make better coffee. The tools are provided for maximum experimentation, yet they do not overburden the process of making great coffee, fast.

Rocket R58 Time lapse

Rocket Espresso Milano, Italy

Time lapse video of the R58 espresso machine build captured on film by New Zealand videographer Brian Culy. The R58 is one of the bespoke espresso machines handmade at Rocket Espresso factory in Milan.